Nottingham All Terrain bikeS (NATS)

Nottingham All Terrain bikeS (NATS)

As a group that has been running successfully for years, it is important to NATS that the group rides in a respectful manner and everyone in the group looks out for each other.  There are a few basic things that we try to do to achieve this:


  • The first person to reach a gate holds it for the rest of the group unless someone else offers to carry on holding it (this ensures that we make sure the gate doesn't get closed before the last person as they might thingk that we've gone a different way if it's closed)

  • Some people love going up hill fast and some love going down hill fast.  That's fine, but we just wait at the top / bottom to re-group.

  • If the ride leader is 'sweeping' from the back wait at any change of direction to re-group

  • No one is left behind

  • Respect the people you are riding with by knowing your bike, your equipment, your ability, and the area in which you are going to ride, and prepare accordingly.

  • Be self-sufficient. Keep your equipment in good order, and carry necessary supplies for trailside repairs, and any changes in the weather or other conditions.

  • As a group we tend to learn who is faster up hill and who faster down and drop into a natural order, however, should you hear someone coming behind you, we allow that person to pass at the next safe opportunity to do so


Other tips for riding on trails with other trail users:

  • Let your fellow trail users know you’re coming. A friendly ‘Hello’, or bell-ring, is considerate, and alerts others to your presence.

  • Pass slow and wide.  Slowing to a walking pace or stopping if necessary. This is particularly important when approaching or passing horse-riders.

  • Saying ‘Thank-you’, if other trail users give way to you is polite, and helps build good relationships with others.

  • When approaching corners or at blind spots, anticipate other trail users.

  • Avoid Disturbing Animals - animals can be startled by an unannounced approach, a sudden movement, or a loud noise. This can upset dogs, startle horses, scatter cattle and sheep, or disturb wildlife. Be aware of your potential impact on animals, and take care to avoid disturbing them.

  • Always Plan Ahead

  • Wear the appropriate safety gear for the trails you are riding.


Club / Trail Etiquette

Club / Trail Etiquette