Nottingham All Terrain bikeS (NATS)

Nottingham All Terrain bikeS (NATS)

Lead a Ride

Anyone who is a (paid) member can be a ride leader and you don’t need to be the fittest in the group however some key pointers to think about:

  • Can you commit to the date (things can crop up that are unavoidable, however, please just give as much notice as you can to the rides’ organiser (currently Lucy Chilvers - via

  • There is always a chance that a route could be closed or there could be a situation that requires the group, or an individual / individuals to short cut back and therefore, whilst you may know the intended route, do you know how to get back from a mid-point for example.  Carrying a map and or navigational device is useful.

  • When riding with a (potentially) large group, consider the suitability of the trails and other trail users  

  • Consider how you intend to keep the group together eg by stating before you set off, that everyone should stop at the next gate or where there is a potential change of direction.  If you are in woods, it can be easy to lose people.   You may, for example, tell people to back track to the last point that they were with the group and stay there until someone returns.  You could also have a ‘buddy system’ where you pair people up and tell them to always check that person is with the group (this may be particularly useful in woods).

  • Make sure you count how many are in the group (and don’t forget you!!) at the beginning.


NB: Please ensure that the group completes the following form (or write the headings on to a sheet of paper for people to sign):  




Sunday is the day that traditionally NATS hosts a ride, however, you may post a ride on a Saturday or week day / night so long as anyone planning to ride on a Saturday discusses it first, out of courtesy, with the person who is down to lead the Sunday ride.   It would not be fair to put on a similar Saturday ride if they have gone to the trouble of organising a Sunday ride.  


Where a weekend away has been organised, it would also be good if a more local Sunday ride is still organised for those that can't make the trip.



Event details should include information such as:

  • whether you are including a café stop

  • exactly where you are meeting and whether there might be a carpark charge

  • approximate mileage and a summary of the type of terrain

  • a method of contacting you with any queries


If you would like to lead a ride and haven't before, please contact  Lucy Chilvers via


Lead a Ride

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