Nottingham All Terrain bikeS (NATS)

Nottingham All Terrain bikeS (NATS)

Club Info plus What does the £5 go towards?

Benefits of Joining:

  • Access to our rides list ahead of time via a ‘members only Facebook Page.

  • You may organise and lead a ride on behalf of the group and you will be covered by the -  Group’s CTC insurance (see CTC guidance under ‘Info’ on the website plus further information if you are interested in organising a ride)

  • CTC personal insurance discount available

  • You will receive a membership card which entitles you to discounts at some local bike shops (a list of those included will be issued following payment of membership – or contact Nick Walker (NATS secretary) for further details)

  • Weekly organised rides (subject to availability of organisers since the club is reliant on volunteers) with a friendly group and the occasional weekend away

  • The club and its leaders are covered by CTC insurance in respect of any claims for accidents (subject to the disclaimer)


Club Details:

NATS has been around as a successful club for years and holds a yearly AGM each March to discuss club matters and to elect a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Rides’ Coordinator.  For the 2017 – 2017 year, the roles are elected as follows:


Chairman:  Matt Gregory

Treasurer:  Chris McMurray

Secretary:  Vicky McMurray

Rides’ Co-ordinator:  Lucy Chilvers


Where the £5 goes:

  • It pays for club insurance

  • Administration costs (eg stamps and membership cards plus any website / domain costs etc)

  • At each AGM, whilst a small amount of cash will be retained as a surplus into the next year to ensure costs are covered.

  • NATS has made the decision to reduce membership to £5 and that the membership fee will now cover a period of 5 years running from 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2022.  The membership fee will be the same irrespective of what time of year, or in which year, you join.  This will be reviewed at the AGM in 2022.